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Behavioral Interview Tips for Healthcare Jobs

Behavioral interviews are becoming more common for healthcare jobs. Be prepared with these behavioral interview tips from PracticeMatch.

Top Physician Resume Mistakes

A great resume can open doors to a plethora of employment opportunities. A bad resume on the other hand, can shut them.

Top 5 Time Saving Medical Journal Apps for Physicians

If you are like most medical professionals and strapped for time but need to keep abreast of the latest in medicine, try using these time saving medical journal apps.

Top Paying Rural Practice Locations For Pediatricians

If the allure of working in a top paying rural location sounds like appealing, then check out these top paying rural locales for Pediatric Physicians.

Locum Tenens

Want to Refresh Your Career Outlook? Try Locum Tenens Work.

States With The Highest Medical Liability Insurance Rates

Medical Liability Insurance is a necessary and sometimes costly part of practicing medicine in America.

How to Handle Bad Online Reviews

In the past, a Physician's reputation was based on word of mouth from patients and colleagues in their local community. Today, things are very different with online patient comments and opinions shaping much of a Physician's reputation.

What NOT to Say in Your First Phone Interview

Ever wonder what topics to avoid during a phone interview? Well if you're interested in a follow-up interview, these subjects should be avoided at all costs.

Your Pet Fish & Other Things NOT to Include in Your CV

Everyone wants their CV to standout, so here are some tips on information that is best left for later (or omitted entirely) from a curriculum vitae.

How to Efficiently Find a Medical Job

Find out what can you do to fast-track your job search, or at least avoid wasting time chasing leads that go nowhere.

How to Negotiate Your New Medical Contract

If this is your first position as a physician, or if it's been a while since you've been handed a contract, you may have some questions.