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Locum Tenens

Want to Refresh Your Career Outlook? Try Locum Tenens Work

Are you stuck in a work rut? Do you enjoy traveling or working in a variety of clinical settings? If you answered yes to any of these questions locum tenens work may be the answer for you. Locum tenens jobs are alternative employment options that allow Physicians like you to work in a variety of settings on a temporary basis. These assignments range in length from days to months and can become permanent job placements for the right candidates. Some of the more common positions open for Locum Tenens work are hospitalist jobs and emergency medicine jobs, but Locum Tenens work is available for most specialties. Attractive aspects of Locum Tenens work include:

  1. Generous Compensation-

    Locum Tenens (LT) job opportunities have generous compensation packages that make them attractive to any Physician looking for an alternative practice option. These jobs can be a challenge for organizations to fill and are aggressively recruited for. This need creates higher compensation packages to attract prospective Physicians and frequently cover housing, travel and liability insurance for new hires.

  2. Limited Administrative Work-

    Locum Tenens vacancies are frequently filled by agencies that coordinate each assignment and handle associated credentialing and benefits. This can alleviate a lot of administrative work making job transitions less tedious. LT jobs also eliminate many of the staffing, billing and practice related headaches associated with private practice work.

  3. Choose Your Practice Location-

    If there is a city or country you have ever wanted to explore but couldn't get time off to visit, why not work there instead. Locum Tenens opportunities are available worldwide and allow you the opportunity to pay the bills while exploring a new cities.

  4. Scheduling Flexibility-

    Locum Tenens positions allow you to choose a schedule that best meet your needs. If you are looking for 24 hour shifts, half days or want to have summers off with the family, LT positions can make that happen. Locum Tenens work can provide freedom from unwanted schedules or taking call by allowing you to choose what works best.

  5. Clinical Variety-

    Locum positions allow Providers to experience a variety of clinical setting options. If you like variety, you can work at a Level one trauma center in New York one month followed by a weeklong assignment in a rural clinic in Boise, Idaho the next. LT positions allow you to choose employment settings that you find interesting and challenging.

  6. Meet New Colleagues-

    Working as a Locum Tenens Physician provides an opportunity to expand your network of colleagues and meet new people that share similar interests. Each job placement is a fresh start that has you working with a new staff.

Locum Tenens